Soap bar lemon balm and cedar

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Product code:1523104
Manufacturer:Dolina Czeremchy
Weight:+/- 90 g

Soap bar from Dolina Czeremchy "Melisa i Cedr"

Universal soaps from the Czeremcha Valley are perfect as hand or body soaps. In body soaps, unsaponified oils make up 5% of the recipe, thanks to which they have caring properties. Additionally, each one contains natural clay and coconut milk, which make the soaps creamy and gentle on the skin. The "Lemon Balm and Cedar" soap has a herbal, woody scent and green color.

Weight: +/- 90 grams

Producer: Dolina Czeremchy

Expiry date: 2 years from the production date

Cube color: green

Aroma: cedar, lemon balm and white camphor - herbal and woody fragrance

The product is intended for people over 3 years of age.

It improves skin tension, has firming, rejuvenating and moisturizing properties, and at the same time is an effective way to protect the sensitive skin of the face against harmful UV radiation.

It has astringent properties - it helps tighten the pores, which makes it not particularly comedogenic. Unrefined hazelnut oil helps control sebum production, which is why many people recommend it for oily skin, seborrheic dermatitis and acne.

What else does our soap contain:
- Montmorillonite green clay
- Coconut milk

Ingredients: saponified coconut oil, saponified olive oil, saponified shea butter, saponified rapeseed oil, saponified soy wax from non-GMO crops, saponified castor oil, rice oil, coconut oil, aroma, pink clay, vegetable glycerin, pigment (titanium dioxide) , coconut milk, sodium lactate, mineral mica

Ingredients (INCI): INCI: Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Olivate, Sodium Shea Butterate, Sodium Canolate, Sodium Soybeanate, Sodium Ricinoleate, Oryza Sativa Bran Oil, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Perfume, Kaolin, Glycerine, CI 77891 Milk **, Cocos Nucifera Milk, Sodium Lactate, CI77019 **, CI73915 **, CI74160 **

* substances found naturally in essential oils

** marking of mineral and pearl pigments such as mica, ultramarine, etc.