Breast shells medela

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Breast shells Medela:

The Medela breast shells have discreet shape and are comfortable to everyday use. They are made of high-quality flexible silicone membrane and are gentle even to sensitive skin. The top of the shells is covered by small holes which prevent humidity, let air to circulate and allow skin to breathe anh therefore heal better. The shells protect sore and cracked nipples from touching clothes cousing furhter soreness.


Shell - polypropylene, membrane - silocone

Adjust tightly shell and membrane. Make shure it snaps on all the way round. Put the assembled shell into your bra and place the opening in the silicone membrane on your nipple. The ventilation holes must point upwards. Do not feed the baby with breastmilk collected in the shell. Discard this milk and wash the shell.

Before first use: Put the shells and membranes into water and boil it for approximately 5 minutes.

After each use: Separate the parts and wash them with water and mild cleaning solution.