Magic teether Difrax

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Product code:1814102
EAN code 8711736930371
Description:Theether for children

Difrax Crown Teething Ring:

Magic teether from Difrax supports the development of the jaw and good oral care. It consists 3 detachable elements which can be easily disconnected. It is eady for tiny baby hands to grasp.

The teehter can be chilled in a fridge but cannot be placed in a freezer. A chilled teether brings reliefe to gums in pain.

The Flower supports oral care and the Dragonfly teether changes colour when it is chilled and provides relief for baby teething symptoms. To cool: place the teether in the refrigerator - not in the freezer - for half an hour. The Crown teething ring is filled with safe, sterilised water. 

No BPA and PCV